@Serializable(with = NotEmptyListSerializer::class)
@Since(version = KotoolsTypesVersion.V4_0_0)
value class NotEmptyList<out E> : NotEmptyCollection<E>

Represents a list that has at least one element of type E.

You can use the notEmptyListOf or the toNotEmptyList functions for creating an instance of this type.

Serialization and deserialization

The serialization and deserialization processes of this type behave like for the List type.

Here's an example of Kotlin code that encodes and decodes this type using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format from kotlinx.serialization:

val string: NotEmptyList<Int> = notEmptyListOf(1, 2, 3)
val encoded: String = Json.encodeToString(string)
println(encoded) // [1,2,3]
val decoded: NotEmptyList<Int> = Json.decodeFromString(encoded)
println(decoded == string) // true


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object Companion

Contains static declarations for the NotEmptyList type.


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open override val head: E

The first element of this collection.

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The size of this collection.

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@Since(version = KotoolsTypesVersion.V4_1_0)
val NotEmptyCollection<*>?.sizeOrZero: PositiveInt

Returns the size of this collection, or returns ZeroInt if this collection is null.

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open override val tail: NotEmptyList<E>?

All elements of this collection except the first one.


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fun toList(): List<E>

Returns all elements of this list as a List of type E.

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open override fun toString(): String

Returns the string representation of this collection.