@DeprecatedAsWarningSince(version = KotoolsTypesVersion.V4_5_1)
@Serializable(with = EmailAddressSerializer::class)
class EmailAddress


A better representation of email addresses exists in the `org.kotools.types` package. This one will be removed in v4.7.

Represents an email address.

Serialization and deserialization

The serialization and deserialization processes of this type behave like for the String type.

Here's an example of Kotlin code that encodes and decodes this type using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format from kotlinx.serialization:

val address = EmailAddress("[email protected]")
val encoded: String = Json.encodeToString(address)
println(encoded) // "[email protected]"
val decoded: EmailAddress = Json.decodeFromString(encoded)
println(decoded == address) // true


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object Companion

Contains static declarations for the EmailAddress type.


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operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean

Returns true if the other object is an EmailAddress having the same string representation as this email address, or returns false otherwise.

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override fun hashCode(): Int

Returns a hash code value for this email address.

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override fun toString(): String

Returns the string representation of this email address.